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Photos and Video.

Here is some of the work we have done click on the pictures to see a larger more detailed portrait.


We are wildlife lovers and would love to build you a native garden that attracts native birds, animals and butterflies. Here are some gardens we have done recently.

Landscape design Brookfield Emu fence Na
Native garden with boulders Deer park2.j
Rust screen ideas Garden design Taylors
Pergolas and Decks

We build pergolas, pool decks, ponds with waterfalls, Paved BBQ areas and bars. Incorporating them all, you can have a fantastic outdoor entertainment area.

Timber pergola Darley bacchus marsh plum
color steel.jpg
Decking showing frame around pillar.jpg

We do Paving in Old red bricks, Clay pavers and bluestones in 45 or 90 degree herringbone, basketweave and all other patterns. We also do Driveways in Turf grid and all of the above

Turfgrid driveway Turfgrid path Driveway
Clay paving Basketweave Paving Design Pa
45 degree red solid bricks herringbone b
Giant Chess paving concrete pavers melto

Who doesn't love a pond, We can make the trickling sounds of a waterfall a feature in your garden.

bigpond fishpond for koi or just the pon
pond bigpond fishpond for koi or just th
Pondless Water fall bigpond fishpond for

we are only a phone call away

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