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Aviaries, Mobile chicken runs, Dog runs, Responsible cat adventure runs.



* I can build an aviary for you to your specifications if you wish.  Build it here and bring it to your place for assembly. some will say you can't mouse-proof an aviary they are wrong, I can.  I can also supply and fit electric fences to ward off possums and cats. Automatic water systems. Bird friendly plants and the actual birds to put in it.

* Mobile chicken runs with easy clean, lift up roofs and egg doors. Wheels fold up so not to damage your grass.

* Dog Runs (pictures soon).

* Responsible cat adventure runs.


Here are some pictures of birds I have.

Painted Finch, Painted Firetail, Full Red front painted finch, Emblema, Emblema picta, Full red front Emblema.
Diamond Firetail, Australian Finch,
Cordon blue finch, Cordon blue waxbill, Cordon.
Red Faced Parrot finch, Backyard avairy
Longtail finch, Yellow billed Longtail Finch,
finch aviary, garden aviary, flight aviary, planted aviary, custom aviary
mobile chicken run, chicken coop, moveable chicken coop
custom aviary, Mouse proof aviary, Budgie Aviary, finch aviary.
custom aviary, weldmesh aviary large parrot aviary, flight,

Outdoor/indoor Aviary (outdoor section)

custom aviary, weldmesh aviary large parrot aviary, flight,

Same aviary. Indoor feeding section.

custom aviary, weldmesh aviary large parrot aviary, large parrot flight,

Front on with partition 1/2 closed.

Small Backyard Finch Aviary
Large Custom Finch Aviary
Aviary with electric fence

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