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Paving Photo's

Here are some photo's of my paving jobs,

some more paving photos can be found in the Before and After shots page.

400mm Concrete pavers charcoal backyard ideas
45 degree red solid bricks herringbone b
paving herringbone path darley.jpg
Red Brick paving footscray.jpg
Turfgrid driveway Turfgrid path Driveway
45 degree Herringbone,
Old Reds
90 degree Herringbone,
Old Reds
Turfgrid driveway
Concrete Pavers
Herringbone with contrasting header course
paving Bacchus Marsh 7.jpg

Concrete pavers, Tall fescue turf

paving Bacchus Marsh  8.jpg

Concrete pavers, Tall fescue turf

How your paving should be laid.
paving Bacchus Marsh.jpg
Screed lines are laid either in timber or steel in this case. This is where paving fall is made.
Paving slope direction in this case is from fence to drain and away from house.
paving Bacchus Marsh 2.jpg
Screed lines are filled with washed sand or in this case crusher dust to above screed lines and compressed
paving Bacchus Marsh 3.jpg
Top of screeds are scraped off leaving level surface.
paving Bacchus Marsh 4.jpg
Inside screeds are removed, filled and levelled.               >
paving Bacchus Marsh 5.jpg
Pavers are cut, laid and outer extremities are blocked to stop substrate falling away over time. In this case we used a timber barrier, hidden concrete under paver top is also used.
These pavers are Travertine stone
Some contractors cut corners with this process, ie using spreaders and rakes instead of the screed system. This process is unchanged since the ancient egyptians because it works. If your contractor is using lesser methods they wont stay level for long. 

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