corymbia citriodora Lemon scented gum is in the corner of my yard and is the biggest tree on the block

banksia ericifolia dwarf

chrysocephalum apiculatum also known as "Yellow Buttons" is a great ground cover for in between things, flowers from early spring, right through summer, till first frost. 

banksia occidentalis 

< ^

These are scaevolas. They flower profusely all spring and summer and are an excellent weed smothering ground cover.

< melaleuca violacea  ^Flower close up

pandorea jasminoides This manageable climber flowers for most of spring through autumn. I use it to cover a water tank.

April Flowers

Wild Strawberry fragaria vesca. Nice little ground cover, you can eat them if you want but taste like a cucumber.

crowea saligna ^

eremophila nivea Drought tolerant silver foilage.

banksia "Birthday Candles" great flower to foilage ratio.

grevillea "Superb" My local New Holland honey eaters visit this everyday.

banksia hookeriana Spectacular West Australian

melaleuca fulgens

banksia heliantha (dryandra quercifolia)

Emerging flower.

banksia integrifolia Local species

May Flowers

Note: It is not the main flowering season of most of these plants, but loads of plants flower sporadically

pratia  pedunculata Charming ground hugging, ground cover plant.

Native veronica Species

cymbidium orchid variety. The Mrs has dozens of these in hanging pots.

banksia heliantha (dryandra quercifolia)

Same flower three weeks later.

isopogan cuneatus

corymbia ficifolia Red Flowering Gum. This is our nature strip tree, unfortunately we got the salmon variety

corymbia ficifolia Red Flowering Gum. Salmon flowers 

kennedia prostrata Running postman.

Right out of season, only 2 flowers.

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