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About me

Hi My name is Wags, I'm an Austalian shepherd.

I come to work with my friend Craig. Mostly my job is to guard piles of dirt on nature strips or trailers.

I also am responsible for letting Craig know when it's time to stop working and throw the stick/ball.

My favourite hobbies are eating, ball and stick chasing, walks and swimming.

My dislikes are cans being crushed, people making cat sounds and craig spreading sand with a shovel.

I am level 3 in obedience and have just finished foundation level in agility.

My best friend is Tuco an Aussie shepherd cross who lives with us and is named after a crazy crystal meth dealer in season 2 of Breaking bad.

(for good reason)

My Video
All is well, I got this.
Enough rolling throw the ball.
I love Bunnings, I get to ride in a trolley
Contemplative moment
I like meeting people, this fella was the biggest Husky I ever saw
I did say I like to swim, I don't care if it's in mud.
or the beach
I bags shotgun
After a hard day, I like to relax with a bone.
Or wrestle with Tuco
over a ball
Tough day at the office, good night, more pics soon.

we are only a phone call away

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